Débrouillard shirt - Original archetype

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Inspired by George Orwell's story of a resourceful kitchen worker, this shirt is designed for those who appreciate life's challenges and the art of finding creative solutions. 

"One of the kitchen plongeurs at the Hôtel X, a German, was well known as a débrouillard. One night an English lord came to the hotel, and the waiters were in despair, for the lord had asked for peaches, and there were none in stock; it was late at night, and the shops would be shut. ‘Leave it to me,’ said the German. He went out, and in ten minutes he was back with four peaches. He had gone into a neighbouring restaurant and stolen them. That is what is meant by a débrouillard."

- George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London

These shirts were printed by Babylon Burning in San Francisco on premium quality AS Colour shirts.